Dog Grooming in Sayreville, NJ

Let’s face it, dogs can get dirty real quick. Whether you let them outside to play or have them inside all day, your pet needs to be groomed often. At Mel’s Pet Parlor, you can rest assured knowing that your pets will be fully taken care of. Our team of professional groomers can have them looking snazzy and flawless. Our groomers also have experience working with many different types of breeds with a large variety of personalities and needs.

All Dog Personality Types Welcome

Mel's Pet Parlor understands that each dog has a different personality with certain needs that need to be taken into account while grooming. We don't turn away a dog just because he's very anxious, or may be prone to aggresision while being groomed. Instead, we take the time to slowly acclimate them so they can learn to trust us and we never subject your animal to something that will cause him to have a negative experience while in our care.

We put the needs of each animal first, and want them to love coming to see us. For more information call us at (732) 307-2116.

Standard Grooming packages include:

Dog Bath — Dog Grooming in Sayreville, NJ

Dog Baths

Nothing is better than having your sweet pup look beautiful and smell good. We have a large variety of baths to choose from. Whether your pooch has skin allergies and sensitivities or needs a flea bath, we've got it all.

Dog Nail Clipping— Dog Grooming in Sayreville, NJ

Nails, Pads, Ears, and Nose

Our caring groomers provide nail clipping, pad cleaning, and also will clean your furry family members ears and nose. We even have peerless facial scrubs that you can choose from.

Dog Deshedding  — Dog Grooming in Sayreville, NJ


If your dog sheds a lot, then ask us about our deshedding baths and FURminator deshedding service. We do not charge extra when we use the FURminator deshedding vacuum.

Dog Grooming Gallery! Look How Cute They All Are

Fore more information about our dog grooming services or to schedule an appointment with one of our talented and caring groomers, call Mel's Pet Parlor at (732) 307-2116.