Compassionate Groomer With A Gentle Touch

At Mel's Pet Parlor located in Sayreville, NJ, we take the responsibility of grooming your furry friends very seriously while they are in our care. We always put the needs of the animal first and will never subject them to something that is causing them extreme discomfort or anxiety. Every dog and cat is unique and has special needs. Whether they are skittish and came from a shelter, more prone to aggression or extremely shy, we will take special care to make sure that your dog or cat first and foremost trusts us and has and gets excited to see us.

Sometimes that means that we, over time, acclimate your pooch or feline friend to the salon, the grooming process, and us as "strangers" to their world.
White Dog — Dog Grooming in Sayreville, NJ

We Love and Accept All Personalities

The groomers at Mel's Pet Parlor have a gift when it comes to working with dogs that other groomers may not be comfortable working with. We understand that some animals have been traumatized, abused, or just are nervous in new situations. Despite this, we have seen many dogs with "difficult" personalities, warm up to and now love coming for their routine grooming session. We believe in making our parlor an inviting one that doesn't leave your furry family member shaking and hiding in the corner.

For more information, call us at (732) 307-2116 or read some of our reviews.